Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database Included

"GroupCaller™ CRM Tracks Your Sales Funnel and Helps You Close More Sales"

In addition to many top-notch call center and telecom apps, we threw in a full-featured CRM Database to tie it all together for our Clients, at no extra charge. We knew that very few small and mid-sized companies (our primary customers) use CRM, can't afford CRM, and most don't even have a clue what it is or why it's so necessary.

Essentially, the CRM is the database system that helps our Clients keep track of all leads, prospects and sales they make through our system. It's so robust that we expect most customers will use it for a lot more than just those activities connected to the call center applications we provide.

What's It Worth?

"Priceless" as they say! But really, there are many CRM's out there in the market place. Sales Force is the leader, and Goldmine has been a favorite for decades, and one which we still use at our office from time to time. But most of our CRM needs are now met by using our own product: GroupCaller™ CRM.

One way to think of a CRM is by thinking of Microsoft Outlook, on steroids. We have bundled a full-featured CRM with most of our services, provided you subscribe to the VBL (Voice Broadcast License). This is an amazing addition to our family of products and sets us far apart from any other competitors in our field. We're the only ones who provide a complete database solution along with all the telecom marketing tools to help our Clients have a successful experience.

In terms of real dollars, a good CRM like ours will cost anywhere from about $360 per year, per seat, to over $1,200 per year, per seat. This is why very few small and mid-sized companies use such a valuable product as a CRM. We're changing all that. Our Clients have access to one of the most sophisticated CRM's on the market. Each VBL comes with a single user license to the GroupCaller™ CRM. It's a great deal!

What's Coming In Future Versions?

We already have many upgrades in the works for our own CRM. It's an excellent basic package "as is." But we'll be upgrading it rapidly as we grow. Some of the future enhancements you'll see in the very near future are:

If you already have your account and want to log in, you can use your GroupCaller™ CRM for any purpose, whether or not it's related to GroupCallerl™ servcies. Also, please notice that the CRM login link is the very last menu item along the left side of each page in this website.

One of the best features that you'll really love about using a professional CRM tool like this is the fact that ALL your emails, phone calls, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, events, and other historical information related to one of your contacts is kept in one place, right in the same record as name, address and phone. No more searching through thousands of emails, folders, different email accounts, etc. for an email related to one person. Just go to their record, and there it is! There are a number of other new features, but when we add the features above, our CRM will be every bit as robust and powerful as the best in the market place. We're very proud of that fact, especially since we're offering it FREE with our basic services!