Campaign & List Manager

Put the full power of GroupCaller™ Hosted Call Center ("HCC") to work for you without having to learn the details required to manage your lists, create new campaigns, do field mappings or recorded file conversions, update your calling lists and more. Let our professional Support Team take care of these details for you.

Why Use This Service?

Because it's a classic example of response to demand. Customers told us they want a method to just "use" the service without having to learn HOW. We concur. The Campaign & List Manager is here fill the request of our customers. The two primary uses are Lead Follow-Up and Cold-Call Prospecting.

   • Lead Follow-Up (The Problem): We all know the numbers. When you have a list of people to call, and when those people don't know you and don't expect your call, how many actually answer the phone? Our stats show it's about 5%. Sometimes it can go as high as 15%. That's a BIG problem. It wastes your time - LOTS of it.

       Here's The Solution. Use the power of GroupCaller™ predictive dialer to rip through those
       phone numbers, locate the handful of people who will answer, and make sure you don't wait more
       than 10 to 30 seconds between "live" calls. Now THAT'S efficient! THAT'S what
       GroupCaller™ Hosted Call Center does for you. But to really maximize your time, you
       don't need to learn how to tune, tweak, adjust, upload numbers, create lists, update lists,
       adjust the campaign to minimize your time between live calls, etc. The Campaign and List Manager
       does all that for you so YOU can focus on what you do best.

       Included Services: Just provide us your info and go. That's about all there
       is to it. Here are the basic services you'll get when using Campaign & List Manager to
       conduct your follow-up calls:

        •  Deliver leads to us direct from your lead supplier - in any format - we'll add them to your list
        •  Create your own leads with GroupCaller™ HCC - we'll add them to your dialing list
        •  Create custom campaigns with custom features - just tell us what you want (or ask our advice)
        •  List cleanup - use Disposition Codes to tell us what numbers to remove & which to keep
        •  Personal lists - call family, friends, club, church, political contacts, any list!
        •  Pretty much any other customized need your calling campaign requires.

   • Cold-Call Prospecting: If you're generating your own leads by using the Hosted Call Center, congratulations! This is by far your cheapest method to immediately reach out and find new prospects and customers. Some people don't like doing it. That's why we also offer Leads For Sale. But if you're one of our growing list of HCC users, you know how powerful the system really is. But staying on top of list management, Caller ID recordings, creating new campaigns with different features (such as leaving a message on voicemail as opposed to skipping voicemail), can be time-consuming and does require you to learn how it's done. If you have the time to learn, great! But if not, the Campaign & List Manager is here for you. For such a small hourly fee, you can't go wrong!

Order Now - Only $6.00 Per Hour

The HCC is not a "one size fits all" type of service. It's highly customized. Therefore, we charge a small hourly fee for our top experts to help you quickly manage your calling campaigns and make your time as efficient as possible. Pay for a block of hours here. When they're used up, simply buy more. We'll keep you advised on hours used via email (or you can request a statement at any time). Purchase of Campaign & List Manager pre-paid service indicates agreement to Terms of Service, the Refund Policy, our Policies and Procedures, plus the Client Agreement.

Hourly Packages