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Today's Best Internet Marketing Value Is VoIP Telemarketing

With all the buzz around social media marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SEO and other forms of online marketing, you'd think those are the ONLY methods of generating great sales volume with a low-cost marketing campaign. Not so! The way we do it, telemarketing "IS" Internet marketing, and it's more powerful than ever, providing a faster and higher-quality result than those "other" Internet marketing systems. And the best part: No cold-calling! We do that part. You just follow up on the people who actually WANT to talk to you.

What You Get When You Buy Leads From Us

In a word: Quality. You're already well aware of all the bad lead sources out there. Once you use us you'll never want to settle for the high cost of poor quality leads again. Just look at all you get as a Client of GroupCaller™:

•  Control Costs with flat-rate pricing
•  Choose instant delivery or customized campaign
•  Pay only for Leads who request information directly from YOU
•  A "real" staff from our company who helps ensure your campaigns are successful
•  Secondary automated 'call-in' marketing tool ("Curiosity Call" marketing) for add'l FREE leads
•  Live Call Transfer - Talk to the prospect the moment they want more information
•  Hear the entire recorded conversation between the sales agent and your prospect
•  Real-time notification: The moment your prospect is interested, you'll know it via call-transfer + email notice
•  World-Class CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software with no extra cost*
•  Bulk email software for great follow-ups, drip campaigns, notifications, customer relationship building
•  SMS tool for single or bulk SMS deliver to your customers, clients, prospects and leads at no extra cost
•  Online Calendar that integrates and synchroizes with Google, Outlook and your Cell Phone calendar
•  Email management that automatically sorts outbound and inbound emails attaching them to your contacts
•  Click-to-Call automates individual call-backs and provides complete call detail within your contact record
•  Automated dialing system lets you zip through your call-back list in minutes, not hours

You're not just buying Leads from us. You're getting a complete robust marketing management system that rivals the best systems operated by the largest companies in the world. And it's all included at no extra cost when you buy Leads from us.

Low Cost Pay-Per-Lead ("PPL") or Pay-Per-Minute (PPM)

With 6 different pricing plans to choose from, you'll find the best pricing and terms to suit yourself. Most new clients use the popular a href="" title="Pre-Paid Option For Buying Leads">Pre-Paid option for the lowest cost. We also have a href="" title="COD Payment Options">C.O.D. options for easy terms.

The PPM system has two different rates: $0.09 or $0.06 per minute in 6-second increments, depending on the licensing plan you choose. Many people learn their cheapest option is the per-minute plan. You can watch your per-minute cost even when you're buying leads with C.O.D. or Pre-Paid. Decide which option is best suited for your needs and go for it! Compared to other lead-generating systems, you'll save a lot.

Getting Started

You can get started FOR FREE right now by just clicking the button below to register as our newest Client. There's no cost or obligation to register. We're real business people just like you and we're ready to help with all aspects of your customized lead-generation campaign. Contact us at any time with quesitons, or better yet, just complete the free New Client Setup form by clicking the button below.

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* Monthly subscription is required. Amount is determined by the license plan. See Pricing Page for details.