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For all other insurance leads use Per-Minute Pricing

All Leads verified through our call center and include customized campaigns, customized caller ID number with free leads from "Curiosity Call Marketing", multiple filters, and a generous replacement policy for bad leads. Live call transfers are also included with all flat rates and pre-paid minute campaigns. Flat rate pricing allows you to know in advance the exact cost of your Leads. You'll notice we provide two different pricing models. One for Residential/Consumer Leads. The other for Business (B2B) Leads. Generating business leads is a far more complex and time-consuming task which also precludes us from using the ultra-efficient predictive dialing technology. Therefore, our cost to locate high-quality leads is far more when calling business lists resulting in higher prices.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select the type of lead you require: Residential/Consumer or Business. Then select the quantity you want from the drop-down list below. First-Time buyers, allow up to 4 business days after you submit your list criteria, your recorded message (for the Caller ID number) and approved your script before our Staffed Call Center begins calling on your customized campaign.

REMINDER: FTC regulations require that you provide an automated opt-out phone number, which we provide as your campaign Caller ID phone number connected to our system. To subscribe, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see the subscription button.

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