Enhanced License: Staffed Call Center ("SCC")

6-Cents For Each Pre-Paid Minute In 6-Second Billing Increments (30-second minimum)

The Enhanced Staffed Call Center License can provide you the best cost-per-lead in the lead industry. Pre-Paid Minutes usually produce the lowest cost-per-lead, and the Enhanced SCC License is by far your best deal when you want us to generate leads for you. Results vary because each campaign is customized with Client-specific lists, scripts, recordings and campaign settings. With our 6-second billing increments, the per-minute cost is far less than our competitors. Other HCC companies and lead-generation companies don't deliver nearly as many services but they charge more. To qualify for Enhanced SCC Pre-Paid Minutes, you must purchase the license below (or the Enhanced single-user license in Step #1 on the Pricing Page). After that, simply load sufficient funds into your account to service your campaign. You can reload as often as you need, either from this page, our Reload Page or after logging into your account from our home page.

Purchase of GroupCaller™ Leads or services indicates agreement to the terms on this page plus Terms of Service, the Refund Policy, our Policies and Procedures, plus the Client Agreement


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