Video Tutorials For GroupCaller™, CRM & Call Detail Records

GroupCaller Hosted Call Center

     Understand Your New Client Account Info Email

     Set Up Soft Phone & Connect To Our Servers

     Create One-Click Login With Favorites and Bookmarks

     Log In And Start Dialing

     Make Calls, Create New Leads & Disposition Calls

     Create A New "Predictive Dialing" Call Campaign

     Make A Test Call From Your New Campaign

     Upload A List and Attach It To A Campaign

     Add New Records To An Existing List

     Increase or Decrease The Number Of Simultaneous Lines Dialed

     Call Back Busy & No Answer "x" Times Before Giving Up

     Change The Recorded Message On Your Caller I.D. Number


          Real-Time Call Progress

          Outbound Calling Report

          User Stats (Call Disposition, Recordings, Etc.)

Basic CRM Operation & Functions

     Overview: Understanding Purpose and Use Of Your CRM

     Log Into CRM

     Create A New Lead Within CRM

     Import Your Own List or Leads To CRM

     Calender: Schedule Calls, Meetings & ToDo's

     Set Up Your Personal Email To Work Within CRM

     Create & Use Email Templates

     Send Group Emails Using A Template

     Track Your Sales Pipeline


          Sales Pipeline

Your Account

     Reload Dialing Minutes

     Log Into Account Module

     Check Your Account Balance

     View Call Detail Records