Port Referral Group ("PRG") Membership

Join The PRG To Maximize Your Earning Power

Watch the 15-minute video for a great overview of the PRG and earning money.

The PRG is a special club operated by GlobalTmail™ USA, LLC. It was created for the purpose of providing incentives to those Associates who refer new users to the company in its early stages. The company needs to build a large user database and is willing to provide extra benefits to those Associates and PRG Members who help in the process. PRG Members are entitled to the benefits listed below, all of which are designed to help the Members create a sustainable residual income which grows right along with the company.

How It Works

For each person referred by the PRG Member, the Company will assign one or more Ports. A "Port" is the term used to describe an open communications link between the Company's servers and those who make calls using VoiFone™ services, GroupCaller™ services, or send SMS messages or otherwise use the Company's paid communications services. The number of Ports assigned to the PRG Member before the time the Company declares that all 11 of its planned applications have been deployed will determine the PRG Member's pro-rata share of the earnings to be received. The people referred and registered by the PRG Member are not required to make a purchase of any kind and may register as a Member, Associate or Client or any combination of all three roles. A table showing PRG Membership level and percentage earnings based on the number of Ports assigned is available for viewing in the PRG Membership Terms Of Service section for the PRG.

Purpose of the PRG

The purpose of the PRG is to build a large list of Members, Associates and Clients for the Company prior to the time we complete the development and full deployment of all planned applications. As a part of the marketing effort to recruit as many registered users of our services as possible, the Company designed the PRG as an incentive program to compensate those PRG Members who refer others to register to us. Higher compensation is earned by referring more registered users.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Use Of All VoiFone™ Services Without Paying VoiFone™ Subscriptions.
PRG Members are not required to pay the Subscription Fee for VoiFone™ OUT, IN or COMBO. The COMBO service is included as a part of the PRG Membership Benefits. PRG Members must register for the COMBO service. After registering for the COMBO service, to use VoiFone™ the PRG Member must also obtain a registered copy of the software, install and configure it on their computer, cell phone or other device.

2. GroupCaller™ Enhanced License Fee Waived ($600 Value).
The service that launched our company is still a vital part of our operation and is very useful for most small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and others who are building an independent income through their own efforts. PRG Members who wish to use the GroupCaller™ Hosted Call Center or Staffed Call Center may do so without paying the $600 license fee for the Enhanced version of our Hosted Call Center. To use GroupCaller™ the PRG Member must be current on their Membership Dues, pay the $27.00 Monthly subscription and comply with the FCC-required Inbound Caller ID subscription. Multi-User licensing is also available at a discounted rate. Contact Us for details.

3. Eventual Weekly Cash Revenue Sharing.
The company will pay up to 5% of its gross revenue to PRG Members from licensing and pre-paid minute fees of ALL eligible sales for up to 6 years after we officially declare that all 11 software applications designed to comprise the entire GlobalTmail™ Suite have been deployed and are operational. This can easily have the effect over time of greatly reducing and in some cases completely eliminating all costs of using our system and creating a substantial income to boot!

As our company grows and expands worldwide, those Clients who become PRG Members will find themselves profiting from the growth of this firm as we achieve growth into the 1,000's , 10's of 1,000's and even millions of Clients worldwide. Only those who join the PRG have this limited opportunity. Once our primary milestone of deploying our 11 applications has been met, the PRG Membership closes for good. Only those who saw the vision and join the Port Referral Group will benefit after that. To get an idea of what kind of revenue may be eventually possible just from joining the Port Referral Group, a Port Income Calculator Tool has been created to help you understand how to make your own what-if scenarios.

4. Direct Access To CEO and Top Company Management.
You'll have access to the company founder's Private Blog and be able to communicate with him and other company executives directly. Direct access is available only for a limited time and is restricted to only those PRG Members and other invited guests to whom the company owes a debt of gratitude for their early participation in our development.

5. Beta Tester Designation.
All PRG Members are considered Beta Testers. As such, you can have a significant impact on the final outcome of our main services, VoiFone™ and GroupCaller™. The only requirement as a Beta Tester is that you agree to try our products and give us your opinion and suggestions for improvement from time to time. There are no specific requirements for activity. Feedback is done on a strictly voluntary basis. Our more active Beta Testers will gain additional long-term benefits from the company such as free licensing of future products, free services such as no-charge phone calls, etc. The Company reserves the right to grant and designate all additional benefits in its sole and absolute discretion.

How Much Does PRG Membership Cost?

There are 4 classes of PRG Membership: Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each higher class has more benefits. The regular price is from $50 to $125 monthly. BUT, all four classes are on sale for a limited time only, allowing you full benefits for about HALF the normal price! Membership fees may be paid in advance in full or as monthly dues. The advantage to paying in full is that you lock in your benefits and cannot lose them when company completes its milestones for software development. (If you have not fully paid your membership dues in total before we reach the milestone, you will not receive the full benefits from your Membership.)

Sign Up For PRG Membership

Signing up is easy! Just decide on which PRG Membership you wish to join (Standard, Silver, Gold or Platinum). The number of "up front" Ports you are assigned varies depending on which Membership you purchase. Also, the percentage of the PRG you earn is dependent on the number of Ports you have earned by the close of this PRG Membership period. Sign Up Now to take advantage of this very special club.