More than TEN TIMES the Contacts-Per-Hour With Our System!

You've got a big database of phone numbers to call, plenty of sales people to do the work and it's STILL not enough. What to do? Use the GroupCaller™ Hosted Call Center with predictive dialing technology! Everyone from your lowest producer to your best sales people will maximize their live-contacts-per-hour and have a better experience at the same time. There's no better way to motivate and keep people focused on the task than with the tools provided by GroupCaller™

Many companies still use manual dialing and just punch out the numbers on a phone and call. Or worse yet, they use door-to-door canvasing, flyer distribution and other inefficient methods to get their story told. Sometimes, they use Power Dialers, so-called because the callers use the power of a computer to do the dialing for them. But the very best way to call a large number of people in the shortest possible time is to use a predictive dialer. That's what you'll get with our flagship product, GroupCaller™ Hosted Call Center.

We'll provide the same kind of powerful technology used in the world's most sophisticated call centers right on the desktop computer of everyone tasked with making those all-important marketing contacts. The technology we use to get such spectacular results is called "predictive dialing" because the administrator of the system can predict the approximate amount of time between the end of one call and the start of another. Usually, your sales people will only wait a matter of seconds before they're talking to the next prospect. They'll never hear a busy signal, answering machine, listen to the phone ringing, hear disconnected numbers or waste time with other events that cut down the number of people they can reach in their dialing shift. They just talk to one after another after another. This is why it's by far the most effective and efficient way for anyone on your sales staff to get their message heard by the most amount of people in the least amount of time.

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