Pre-Paid Minute Purchase and Reload Center

Purchase your pre-paid minutes for all our products right here. Below you can load or reload prepaid minutes to your account, for GroupCaller™ and VoiFone™ services. Just select the amount you want and follow the prompts to pay. Please allow up to 4 hours for your purchase to post (during regular business hours, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm Mountain Time, USA). You can post instantly to your account when you purchase from within your account, but with fewer options and USD only.

Hosted Call Center & VoiFone™ Rate Tables

The HCC and/or VoiFone™ rate table to which you are entitled is determined by the license you purchase and/or the service to which you subscribe. Please see our Pricing Tables for a more complete explanation. All customers, commercial and consumer may load minutes to their account from this page. **IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the same email used when registering for VoiFone™ or GroupCaller™ when paying through Paypal. This tells us to which account we must post the payment.

Rate Tables

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Hosted Call Center or VoiFone™ Pre-Paid Minutes (USD)

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