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FTC Requirements for Lead Buyers, Staffed Call Center and Hosted Call Center Customers

Caller ID and Do Not Call Registry Requirements

Note: We do not provide legal advice. If you need legal advice with respect to compliance issues, please consult a qualified attorney.

The FTC governs and regulates interstate calling (between the vairous states) with respect to telemarketing, and the FCC regulates intrastate calling (within a single state) with respect to telemarketing. For all intents and purposes, the regulations mirror each other for both inter-state and intra-state calls.

As one of our Clients who buys leads, uses the Hosted Call Center or uses our Staffed Call Center services, you are classified by the FTC and FCC as a "Telemarketer." We are classified as a "Service Provider" and are also registered with the FTC as such. The FTC requires all Telemarketers to subscribe to the Do Not Call Registry and remove all phone numbers listed in the registry from their calling databases. As a part of our service to all Clients, we help you manage your registration and subscriptions under FTC and FCC rules. We also help manage your subscription to the area codes you select and ensure your calling lists are scrubbed by removing all DNC phone numbers before dialing. The FTC charges a fee for your subscription. The first 5 area codes are free. After the first 5, you must pay an annual fee of $58 per area code. You can also purchase the entire DNC database for $15,962. (Prices quoted from the FTC website as of January 2013.) You must subscribe to the area codes you wish to call and inform us of those area codes. Your calling database will be created based on the codes to which you have subscribed.

The Inbound Caller ID number satisfies another requirement imposed by the FTC. Under this rule, you must display a valid Caller ID phone number when calling. You must also provide an automated mechanism by which the called party can be placed on your internal Do Not Call list. (Note: An "internal Do Not Call list" is also required by the FTC to which called parties can request their numbers be added and never re-dialed.) We provide this Caller ID service for you and maintain your internal DNC list in-house. This Inbound Caller ID number terminates at our server, provides 2 simultaneous inbound lines on one number, delivers a voicemail message to anyone who calls, emails you their recording and registers DNC requests on our server when the caller presses 9 under the instructions they receive when they call.

To subscribe to the Do Not Call Registry, just follow the instructions on their website and complete the necessary form. After completing the subscription form, the FTC will issue a Subscriber Account Number (SAN) which we are required to keep on file at our office. Please email your SAN to us as soon as you have it. The FTC normally takes up to a few business days to respond and issue your SAN. We allow dialing to begin on your behalf until you have a valid SAN. If you have any questions about obtaining your SAN please contact our office.

Please Subscribe To The Do Not Call Registry Now