Full or Part-Time Income Referring Others To GroupCaller

You can earn money with us by spreading the good word about GroupCaller! We run our own Affiliate programs which are open to nearly anyone willing to register and promote us. By registering as an Associate or executing a Value Added Reseller (“VAR”) Agreement with the Company, you’re entitled to commissions and/or bonuses on the referrals you make (yes! you can be paid "just" for the referral), on the sales you make and on the residual subscription payments from the Clients you recruit. 

Our affiliate programs were designed to allow anyone who values the GroupCaller system to provide our products and services to others in exchange for compensation. You can earn money as an Associate, or register as a VAR if you want to make a much higher income in the shortest time possible.

If you aren't in an industry that qualifies you to become a Value Added Reseller, but you want to create a great income for yourself register as an Associate, it's free! As an Associate, you can sell GroupCaller™ for commissions & bonuses but more importantly, you can join and promote the Port Referral Group. This is a private club in our company that entitles its members to additional compensation. Enrollment is available only for a limited time. Learn more about your income as an Associate by watching the 15-minute video slide show.

There are three positions under which a person may register to earn money with us. The first and last ones are free. The middle two require a fee, as follows:

1.   Associate:       Become an Associate of GlobalTmail USA, LLC (the creator of GroupCaller).  To do so, just register as a Member, Associate & Client (this is free, no purchase whatsoever is required).  When you register, be sure to place a check mark in BOTH boxes on the registration form.  You will earn a commission of 15% on all sales, subscriptions and reloads (subject to company Policies).  Please note, all commission and bonus payments are calculated against a "Commission Value Table" due to the extreme low price of some of our services. If you want to use GroupCaller™ to find your own prospects, you’ll need to purchase a GroupCaller™ License and subscribe to the service.  One-on-one personal training is fee-based.  Group training via webinar and the Learning Center on the GroupCaller™ website is free for paid Clients.

To talk directly to a company officer or manager who is well-versed in helping you earn a substantial income through us, Contact Us and let us know you want to discuss the GroupCaller™ income opportunity. We'll schedule you to talk directly to a company officer or Sales Manager.

2.   Standard Value Added Reseller:  The Standard VAR Program doubles the commission on your personal sales to 30% of the CV (Commission Value) on all your personal sales.  This Standard VAR pays enough to use GroupCaller to locate new GroupCaller prospects and close sales. This is the ideal program for anyone seeking a part or full time income, regardless of whether you represent an organization for whom providing our products to your customers “adds value” to your own product or service.  The Standard VAR position includes all rights and privileges of the IAR (#4 below) position but no purchase is required. A one-time fee of $3,500 is required for the Standard VAR Agreement.    VAR earning potential is substantial and wholly based on your own time, effort, talent and expense.  The Standard VAR includes:

a.     One-On-OnePersonalized Training
b.     A 5-User License
          i.  Use our Staffed Call Center to make sales for you, or
          ii.  Hire your own sales people and pay them a portion of your earnings
c.      $500 of prepaid calls to start
d.     Access to the Compensation Plan, which requires registration as an Associate. (Some sales are excluded from the Compensation Plan bonuses, such as selling the VAR licenses).

A monthly subscription fee of $27 is required for each active User on the system with your 5-User License. Also, after the initial $500 credit is used, additional pre-paid minutes must be purchased. The initial credit can be used to pay for your own use of the system or for our Staffed Call Center.

3.  Enhanced Value Added Reseller:   For those who are serious about earning a substantial income with us, the Enhanced VAR Program is by far the best and most profitable choice. The Standard VAR position also includes all rights and privileges of the IAR (#4 below) position. A $150 credit is provided for the initial purchase of VoiFone™ CARD accounts, included at no extra charge for the Enhanced VAR.  The Enhanced VAR is the same as the Standard VAR except that we split all sales 50/50 with the VAR (calculated against the CV) and it comes with a 15-user license, making it possible to greatly leverage your income with our Staffed Call Center.   This program works like a partnership between the Company and the VAR and provides the highest earnings possible.   A one-time fee of $6,000 is required for the Enhanced VAR Program.

4.  Authorized Reseller ("AR"): AR's are licensed to sell our VoiFone™ CARD accounts for a Point of Sale profit. They are also authorized to sell all other products of the company for a commission. No fee is required to become an Independent Authorized Reseller, however to a minimum wholesale purchase of $200.00 USD of VoiFone™ CARD prepaid minutes is required. Individuals, retailers, distributors, employers, Internet cafe owners, clubs and organizations of all types are invited to become Authorized Resellers. AR's are granted direct access to the VoiFone™ CARD Server and are allowed to create as many virtual CARD accounts as they wish, providing instant access to our system for their customers. They are also authorized to reload the accounts of existing customers through their AR Agent Portal.