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Free Worldwide Voice & Video Calls

The links below allow you to download Linphone, an open source Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softphone. We refer to this application with our registered tradename: VoiFone™ (It's just a shortened word that means "VoIP Phone"). This software is also known as a "SIP" phone. ("SIP" stands for "Session Initiated Protocol." It's a communications standard that enables software applications to establish communications links through the Internet such as two-way phone calls and complex multi-media communications like video calls.) We provide the GroupCaller™ VoIP platform that enables you to make calls from any device running this software to any other computer or device (eg smart phone or tablet PC) running the same software with an account on the SIP servers. Also, calls to any telephone within our service area can be made with this software at deeply discounted rates.

Download For Your Computer

Download VoiFone™ For Windows (About 15.7 meg download)

Download, Install and Configure VoiFone™ For Mac (About 18.2 meg download)

Download For Your Cell Phone

Note: These links go to the website which will re-direct you to the Apple Store or Android Market to download the application. Please follow the directions on the website.

Linphone For Android Operating System

Linphone For iPhone

Linphone For iPad

Linphone For Blackberry