Configure VoiFone™

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already configured and connected your VoiFone™ FREE account and you're ready to make calls, just add contacts to your software to begin making and receiving calls right away!

To make FREE calls to other VoiFone users, you'll need to get their "Web Login ID" which they (and you) received in the Activation Email. If you or the contact with whom you wish to share free calls lose this number just contact us and we'll be happy to resend it to you.

Also, you will notice that when you add contacts whether you are adding a phone number or creating contacts for free calls, the software automatically inserts the phone number or the "555" number (see below) into a coded address known as a "SIP address". (Remember "SIP" stands for Session Initiated Protocol, a technical term in the VoIP industry that describes a system that enables complex streaming of audio-visual content such as video calls over the Internet). Think of the SIP address as your VoiPhone™ online phone number. It looks a lot like an email address containing numbers instead of letters with the "@" symbol separating the username and domain name. The only real difference is that the characters "sip:" preceed the username. Here is a sample SIP address as shown in the screenshot below:


Or, a sample of how it will look after creating a contact to whom you make FREE calls:


Or, a sample of how it will look after creating a contact with a cell phone or land line.


If you didn't get your Activation Email after registering with us, check your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes, notification emails like this are mis-routed as junk email. Below is a sample screenshot of the information at the end of the Activation Email that's needed for you to give to others so they can make FREE calls to you using their own VoiFone™ account. Please be careful to keep this email as it contains vital information about your account. Here's how to make free calls to other VoiFone™ account holders:

SIP Account Setup Screenshot

Before you can make or receive calls, you must connect your software to our servers.

After installing the software, your first step is to pull down the options menu and select Preferences:

Preferences Menu Item

The next window you see defaults to the first tab, hightlighted in white, "Network settings". The default setting is "5060". Reset this to "5999" as shown.

Port Setting

Select Manage SIP Accounts and then "Add":

Manage SIP Accounts

On this screen, you enter the new SIP address and domain name that you just received in your email (and in the screen shot when you finished setting up your new account):

Enter SIP Address

When you click on "OK" the system will ask for your password so it can connect to the server. Your password is in the Activation Email. Please enter it and click "OK". p>

Enter Password

Congratulations! You are now connected to the server and can begin making and receiving free calls anywhere in the world.

Connected to Server

Add Some Contacts And Start Making Calls!

You are now ready to use the system. Contact those with whom you wish to make free calls and send them this link: Ask them to go through the same process you just did to create a free SIP account. As soon as they have their own account, follow this procedure to add them to your Address Book so you can make and receive calls with them.