Cheap International Calls

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Make FREE video calls worldwide?

Make Int'l calls for less than 1¢/minute?

Reduce cell phone plan minutes while making more calls?

Eliminate expensive over-limit minutes?

Use cell phone when there's no cell signal?

Send unlimited text messages individually or to groups of any size (1 to 1,000's at a time)?

Send unlimited emails individually or in bulk to any size list?

Automatically keep a history of all information on all your contacts including all calls, texts, emails, appointments, meetings, todo's and other activities with everyone you know in one place for each contact?


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Welcome to the all new VoiFone™ service from GroupCaller™. VoiFone stands for "VoIP Phone", a Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") service making it possible to achieve rates as low as $0.0020 USD (about 1/5 USD penny) per minute*! We offer 4 basic services, "FREE", "OUT", "IN" and "CARD" described below.

V-Phone OUT

Make calls computer-to-computer anywhere worldwide absolutely free of charge. Just install the software, register your account and start connecting with others who run the same software. While it's true you can get free video calls from such well-known providers as Skype, Google, Logitech, Webex, Yahoo Messenger, ooVoo and many others, it's ALSO true that, unlike all the rest, we're the ONLY company that integrated our own Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") software, including bulk email and SMS while at the same time providing the lowest price calls to cell phones and land lines. (See a comparison table to Skype, the world's largest VoIP provider.)

V-Phone OUT

This is for OUTBOUND calls and allows you to make calls from your smart phone or computer to any cell phone or landline wihtin our service area. Follow the button link above for details or get started right away by clicking the REGISTER BUTTON below.

VoiFone IN

VoiFone IN provides you a phone number that works anywhere in the world. With it you can RECEIVE calls on your smart cell phone (works on iPhone, Android or Blackberry phones) or at your computer. For a small monthly fee it works anywhere in the world with a wired or wifi Internet connection (sufficient bandwidth is required). The small monthly fee provides unlimited minutes and calls. We provide you with a USA phone number with very low rate to make sure whoever calls you pays the lowest possible fee ($0.002 USD per minute) while YOU pay one small flat fee monthly to receive the calls.

VoiFone Calling Card

The VoiFone Calling Card allows anyone to call through our system from any phone. No smart phone, computer, Internet connection or software installation is required. This is a "virtual" calling card that works the same as the plastic physical calling cards you see in retail stores. The only difference is that we don't use a physical plastic or paper card. Your access phone number and secret code are delivered through a secure Internet download, which can be printed and/or saved to your hard drive.

VoiFone Combo

Get the best possible value from your VoiFone™ experience with the Combo package! Enjoy all the great features of VoiFone™ for one low monthly subscription fee. You'll have the best rates for local, long distance and International calls on the planet, PLUS get unrestricted use of our world class contact management software all for one low monthly subscription. You won’t find a better package for a better price anywhere to help you manage all your phone calls, your text messages, faxes and your email accounts. Plus you'll have comprehensive records of all your appointments together with a permanent record of all contacts with family, friends and businesses, your calendar and just about everything you do all in one place.

* Pricing based on detailed rate tables. Please read explaination of rates and check pricing before completing your calls.