The Ultimate Upgrade: Rate Decks

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For a complete explanation of how to understand these tables (the "Rate Decks"), look up prices, and why our pricing results in far lower overall rates (on average) than other Hosted Call Center firms and VoIP companies, please visit our Rate Decks Explanation page. View the rate tables below by clicking on the links to look up specific phone numbers you wish to call. It is our experience that those who call a variety of different phone numbers with these rate tables experience a lower over-all price, with some destination phone numbers reaching as much as 95% below our competitors.

The Rate Tables below are best viewed in the Google Chrome browser because it (by default) will display the entire rate table of hundreds of thousands of specific rates on your screen (the other browsers will usually just download them to your computer). Use the "Find" command in Google Chrome by pressing "CTRL-F" when the rates are displayed. The search box allows you to locate the area code & prefix combination of the phone number(s) for which you want to check the price. (Example: If A=Area Code and P=Prefix, type your search string like this: "AAAPPP" with no spaces. The number will be highlighted so you can see the rate next to it.

View/Search/Download USA-CAN-PR Enhanced Rate Deck(.txt file)

View/Search/Download USA-CAN-PR Basic Rate Deck (.txt file)

Please note that all rates listed include both land lines and cell phones. All rates are charged in 6-second increments with a 30-second minimum. Other retail VoIP providers charge in full one-minute increments.