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Use any cell phone or land line, no installation needed, to call locally, long distance or worldwide


VoiFone IN

Rate Tables

The Virtual Phone Card

VoiFone™ Card includes all the features of a standard long distance calling card but without the card. With VoiPhone™ Card you get the following:

·         Works from any cell phone or landline

·         No software to install

·         Instant activation and use upon purchase

·         Access number within country (Philippines, USA, Canada)

·         No account required (anonymous calling)

·         Set up an account for more benefits

o    PIN-less dialing

o    Unlimited reloads (online & local)

o    Customized Caller ID

·         Buy from Authorized Reseller or from our website

·         Reload through Authorized Reseller or from our website

·         Virtual Card Account included for subscribers

·         No monthly fees

·         Two rate tables available

o    Standard Discount Table

o    Wholesale rate table for VoiFone™ Subscribers

How To Purchase and Use

There are two ways to purchase: Online from this website and from an Independent Authorized Reseller (IAR). There are two basic ways to purchase a VoiFone™ Card:

1.    Register:  When you register, you have the following optional benefits:

a.    PIN-less Dialing: Just dial the access phone number, your caller ID is recognized by our system so you can dial your phone number without entering your PIN (Personal ID Number).

b.    Unlimited Reloads: To add funds to your account, simply go online and add funds with your major bank card or Paypal in various increments (minimum $10).

c.    Customized Caller ID: Unlike other calling cards, you can specify any phone number as your Caller ID to the people you call will know who’s calling them. We automatically use the phone number you supply during registration as your Caller ID. You can change this or have Caller ID removed entirely.

2.    Buy PIN:  If you prefer to make anonymous calls or just wish to make a one-time purchase, you can just buy a PIN. Your PIN with access phone number is delivered by email to the address you specify at the time of purchase.

To get started, please select the Register or Buy PIN below:


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