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Get a USA phone number for only $18.00 USD monthly to give out to everyone you know! You can receive an unlimited number of calls and use an unlimited amount of minutes with this phone number. The phone numbers we assign are all ultra-low cost USA phone numbers.

How It Works

Give this phone number to everyone from whom you wish to receive calls. If they are using their own cell phone or land line account, they pay only what their phone carrier charges. If they're a VoiFone™ OUT customer, they'll pay some of the lowest rates in the world to call you. Your VoiFone™ IN phone number rings through the software you install on your cell phone or computer. If you have a data plan for your cell phone, it's a good idea to keep your VoiFone™ account open at all times so you can receive calls. If you rely on a wifi connection, make sure you open our software when you connect your cell phone to the wifi signal. There are no limits to the number of calls or the amount of minutes you use each month on this plan.

Example: Call Philippines from Philippines or from any other country for only 8 to 40 Centavos ($0.0020 to 0.01 USD)Per Minute

First, the Philippines customer has a VoiFone™ IN account. Second, the calling party calls their USA phone number (we assign only the low-cost numbers). If the calling party has a VoiFone™ OUT Subscription their cost to make the call will usually be 8 to 40 Centavos ($0.0020 to $0.01) per minute. If the calling party uses their own cell phone minutes for th ecall, or a land line account, they will pay whatever fee is customary to call the USA phone number. The calling party could even be out at sea, or in port anywhere in the world with a wifi or similar Internet connection and they still pay only a fraction of a peso (or less than 1 penny) per minute.

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