Voicemail Drop

Drop Your Message Into Cell Phone Voicemails Without Ringing The Phone!

Let's face it, even though it's very effective, most people just don't like getting robocalls, telemarketing calls, or even the survey, poll and volunteer calls about candidates. Why? Because when the call arrives, they're usually busy doing something else. People just don't like to be interrupted.

And that's where the Voicemail Drop comes in! It eliminates the most annoying part of purpose-based calling: Intrusion. Now, you can send calls to a database of cell phones without ringing the phone! They can listen at their leisure, when it's convenient for them, not when you decide to send the message.

Also, most of us listen to our voicemail within a few hours of getting the notice on phones, right? In fact, the key word here is "listens". Because the vast majority of people actually LISTEN to their voicemail, your message will get heard by far more people than when using robocalls only to live recipients with or without the call transfer feature."

So to achieve a high listenership and wide coverage in your databse, without intruding on the time of your customers, members, students prospects, leads or others, use the Voicemail Drop! Our rates are the lowest anywhere. We charge the same low per-minute rates in 6 second increments as we do for our Hosted Call Center services, making our rates that best in the USA! Just sign up for one of the Hosted Call Center packages and you'll qualify for either the Standard Discount Rate Table or the Wholesale Rate Table. .

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